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Weider Crossbow

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Weider Crossbow Gym

Weider Crossbow Gym

The original Weider Crossbow was a good effort to try and steal some business from Bowflex, and for awhile it even worked! Here’s how they did it…

Weider put out the Crossbow gym at a price point hundreds less than the competing Bowflex gyms and sold 10′s of thousands of these knockoff gyms to people at Sears, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, HSN, and QVC.

In theory, the “Weider Crossbow”, or “Weider Crossbar” or “Weider Max” as it was later known due to legal issues, appears to be a viable solution to the Bowflex.

It has similar technology they borrowed from Bowflex (read Bowflex Reviews) and was touted as being a strength training machine and cardio machine all wrapped up into an attractive package that was affordable.

Weider couldn’t seem to leave well enough alone with the Crossbow. Since its’ inception, the Crossbow has morphed into multiple models and derivations, that latest of which is the Weider Platinum that has gimmicky digital resistance that isn’t worth walking across the street to ignore.

I wish that Weider could get their act together and stop trying to make the Weider Crossbow something it’s not.

What the Weider Crossbow was at it’s inception, was a good cheap home gym that was pretty decent in its’ base form, but once they started screwing around with the resistance and raised the price it (then changed the name to try and fool people) became about as useful as a 1 legged man in a butt kicking contest.

If you want a good cheap home gym skip the Weider Crossbow and get yourself a Bowflex Blaze instead.

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