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Total Gym Reviews

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Total Gym Reviews

Everyone’s seen the Total Gym commercials on TV with Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris pedaling these rather odd looking home gyms.

If you’re considering a Total Gym, do what my wife and I did. Checkout the Total Trainer from Bayou. It matches the Total Gym in functionality and beats it in build quality and price by a mile – we have this Total Trainer in my wife’s personal training studio and we love it.

To help you cut through the confusion surrounding the myriad of Totalgym models currently on the market, I’ve complied a complete list of Total Gym Reviews all on one page for your convenience.

The Totalgym Reviews include the 1700 Club, Elite, Pro, Supra, XL and similar Bayou Total Trainer gym that’s basically a Totalgym clone and a darn good one at that.

Total Gym Reviews by Model

Totalgym 1700 Club
Total Gym XLS Review

Totalgym 1700 Club
Total Gym 1700 Club Review

Totalgym Elite
Total Gym Elite Review

Totalgym Pro
Total Gym Pro Review

Totalgym Supra
Total Gym Supra Review

Totalgym XL
Total Gym XL Review

Top 5 "Best Buy" Home Gyms for 2011

When all the reviews were compiled for 2011, these five home gyms rose to the top of the class.

Top 5 Best Home Gyms 2011

Each gym that made the list has strong features, a solid warranty and is a good value for the dollar.

Top 5 Home Gyms for 2011

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