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Hoist V5 Home Gym

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Hoist V5 gym

The Hoist v5 is the top of the line Hoist home gym currently on the market with a solid list of features that rival many pieces of gym equipment you’ll find at the health club.

The patented 4-D articulating press arm that Hoist developed for this home gym provides forward/back, side-to-side, up/down, and rotational movements is a thing of beauty. It’s feels just like you’re lifting free weights but better, because it’s safer and there’s no need for a spotter.

The v5 is also outfitted with a telescoping back pad that adjusts to accommodate various leg and arm lengths and makes working out with proper form and alignment on the machine much easier than most on the market…

Hoist v5 specs and features:

  • Patented 3-D articulating chest press arm
  • 205 lb. Radial Loc weight system
  • Telescoping back pad adjusts to accommodate various leg and arm lengths
  • 2” x 4” steel frame
  • Wide groove pulleys on high, mid and low cable stations
  • Commercial quality rubber grips with aluminum end fittings
  • Split Weight Cabling delivers 50% resistance to mid and low pulleys
  • Upholstered roller pads with aluminum end fittings
  • Strap handles with revolving grips

The Hoist v5 home gym will be the center piece of any home gym, and a worthy investment if you’ve got the bucks to afford one. If it’s a bit over your budget, checkout the Bodycraft Xpress Pro gym as better alternative.

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