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Bowflex Extreme 2

in Bowflex

Bowflex Extreme 2 Gym

Bowflex Extreme 2 Gym

Bowflex aimed for the middle of the market with the Extreme 2, making this gym more affordable than the higher end gyms in their line.

The Extreme 2 is a bit different than the other gyms in the Bowflex line in the fact that it doesn’t have a full long bench, instead the seating configuration on the Extreme 2 is more like one found at the health club on a leg extension machine.

With the unique seat arrangement, the Bowflex Extreme 2 is highly adjustable which makes it easy to get into proper alignment for each exercise and will fit short and tall users alike with ease.

I really like the way the 4 position adjustable pulleys allow for more freedom of exercise variation and the fact that there’s no need to switch cables or pullys between exercises.

You can change between using the lat tower, leg developer (for leg extensions and leg curls) and chest press quickly and easily, so it’s easy to move from one exercise to the next without any hassles.

One of the biggest appeals of the Bowflex Extreme 2 has to be the compact size. This gym will fit into any size room in your home with room to spare and is an ideal choice in gyms for users with smaller homes and apartment dwellers.

Key Specs on the Bowflex Extreme Home Gym:

  • 210 pounds of Power Rod Resistance standard – upgradeable up to 310 or 410 pounds
  • Lat tower featuring 2 adjustable positions with angled lat bar
  • 4 position adjustable lower pulleys with longer squat station
  • Leg extension attachment – to develop strong, muscular legs
  • Adjustable, quick-release seat
  • No-Time-Limit Power Rod Warranty
  • 7-year limited warranty & 6-week Fitness Results Guarantee

The Extreme 2 is a good gym for the more serious home workout trainer that wants a smaller footprint, the ability to adjust the workout angle and the ability to do full squats.

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